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12 June 2023 - Just finished making a limited run of Coucours Correct 1970-1971 Torino dual-exhaust hangers.  Exactly like the originals and made from new tooling to exactly match the original assembly line parts.  Sold only as sets.  Click here for more photos.

21 February 2023 - Scott Fuller Reproductions has a new phone number.



Please use this new phone number when contacting me.  


7 December 2020 - When you purchase a set of my Tri-Y headers and H-pipe together I make sure the H-pipe and headers will fit perfectly.  Each pair is individually matched by installing them on an engine and welding the H-pipe flanges to mate to the header flanges eliminating the potential issues of them not fitting.  Because the triangular flanges on the H-pipe and headers are fully welded it is nearly impossible to insure they will fit to each other without a fixture to align them.



22 November 2020 - New Shelby Tri-Y Headers are now available.  Special thanks to Tim Lea, Bob Gaines, Craig Conley, and Jim Ellsworth for helping bring these to market.

20 January 2018 - I just made another run of Scott Fuller Reproduction T-Shirts.  High quality 5-color shirt FREE with every order over $250.  Sizes available are M, L, XL, and XXL.  

29 April 2017 - The disc brake dust shields for 1968 (non-vented) and 1969-1973 (vented) Mustang/Cougar applications are almost finished.  Production has started and I should have parts to sell in a few weeks.  Original dust shields are almost always pitted or bent beyond repair.  These are the only concours correct parts available.  Non-vented 1968 dust shields have never been available until now, and the vented ones offered currently are not correct.  Copied from original assembly line parts to exactly match the originals right down to the stretch marks, and painted semi-gloss black.


6 March 2017 - 1968 Cougar GTE Tips for 390 and 428 GTE applications.  Non-dimpled split tip (different than Mustang) with rolled edges, just like the originals.  Patterned from known original production tips.  Stamped with C8WX number.  First time ever offered.  See the "Cougar Items for Sale" tab for more details.

6 February 2016 - I have the 1970 and 1966 concours exhaust hangers almost finished.  I'm on the third round of prototypes and should have the final production version done in a few days.  Each stampd piece is made from completely new tooling and the rubber straps are made from cloth reinforced tire sidewall...just like the originals.  I hope to have hangers ready to sell in late February.


27 October 2015 - Just Finished...Concours Correct 1965-1966 Tailpipe Band Clamps. 

Exact reproduction of the tailpipe band clamps used on Mustangs and Shelbys with 2-inch exhaust and 1-3/4-inch tailpipes.  Dual-width band clamp with correct zinc plated indented-head screw (65/66 only, later clamps received phosphated screw).  “65” and “P” stamped into the clamp…exactly like the originals.  Two clamps required per car.


5 July 2015 - Just Finished...Concours Correct 1967-1969 Shelby, Boss, and Mustang Resonator Hangers. 

Concours reproduction of the resonator hangers used on Shelbys, Boss 429s, Boss 302s, Mach 1s, and Mustangs with dual-exhaust. Each metal hanger piece is made from new tooling to exactly match original, assembly line hangers.  All metal pieces are stamped from a blanking tool, then formed…just like the originals.  Correct flat-head semi-tubular custom made rivet and cloth reinforced tire sidewall…just like the original Ford hangers.  Bare steel with correct “FoMoCo” stamped on the lower bracket.  Patterned from known original hangers and the original Ford engineering drawings.



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