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Starter Delay Parts Package - $50/each package + shipping

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Since I’ve had the reproduction starter delays for sale I’ve had many inquiries about selling just some of the parts.  In response to that interest, I’ve had a small quantity of “extra” parts made for the do-it-yourselfer.




3-Screws (two for the cap and one for the ground wire under the cap)


One Lid Gasket


One Wire Lead


You DO NOT get the entire starter delay.


It’s a package deal.  Please don’t ask me to break it up.  If you need this you should buy it now.  I don’t have many sets to sell.


The details on the parts included are below.



Gaskets:  The gaskets are made of the same black sponge rubber material as the originals.  Same thickness and pattern.  Exactly the same as the originals.  I used an original starter delay gasket as a pattern and had a professional gasket company make the tooling for stamping them out.  This is NOT some guy sitting around with a pair of scissors.  The cork gaskets on some starter delays were never used on the assembly line units, but were used on some of the over-the-counter Ford service units. 

Cap Screws:  All original assembly-line starter delays have cap screws with a "C" marking on the head.  Screws with this head marking are no longer available, so I had tooling made and screws fabricated to exactly match the original screws.

Lead Wire:  The lead wire is made up of 3-components; the elbow, the grommet, and the wire itself.  The lead wire used on the original assembly-line starter delays is always a red wire with a single thin dark blue stripe.  The lead wire on the service starter delays is red with a much wider light blue stripe in a spiral orientation (not lengthwise like the assembly-line version).  I opted to use the assembly-line type of wire with the lengthwise stripe, not the service type with the spiral stripe.  No correct wire with the dark blue stripe exists, so I had 25,000-feet of wire made that exactly matches the original wire.

Lead Wire Elbow:  No perfect matches to the original elbows are available.  The starter delay elbow is slightly different than the elbows used that connect to the starter solenoid and coil.  Making a mold of the original starter delay elbow was the only way to guarantee that the reproduction elbows would be exactly the same as the originals.

Lead Wire Grommet:  No perfect matches to the original grommet are available.  Again, making a mold guaranteed matching the original.


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