Mustang, Shelby, and Boss Items for Sale > 1968½ Shelby GT500KR and 1968½ 428 Cobra Jet Mustang Tailpipes - $625/pair + shipping
1968½  Shelby GT500KR and 1968½  428 Cobra Jet Mustang Tailpipes - $625/pair + shipping

Availability: Limited Quantities
Prod. Code: EX-TP5

 100% perfect reproduction of tailpipes used on all 1968½ Mustangs (including GT500KR Shelby Mustangs and all Mustangs with 428 Cobra Jet engines).  Officially Licensed by Ford and only available through this website.



Prior to Ford's introduction of the 428 Cobra Jet engine in April 1968, dual-exhaust Mustangs were only available with 2-inch diameter exhaust systems.  But with the new power-plant also came new exhaust, and for the first time, 428 CJ equiped Mustangs were now available with a new 2.25-inch, better-breathing, exhaust system.  And with that change, the tailpipes changed from a 2-piece, clamped-together design, to a one-piece welded-tip design. 

Offered here for the first time are the correct, fully welded, tailpipes. 

Reproduction tailpipe features include:

  • Correct 2.25-inch O.D. aluminized tubing...just like the originals
  • Tubing seam in same orientation as original pipes
  • Factory-correct bends done with tooling that does not crush the pipe as it is bent
  • Factory-correct swaging on the ends of the pipe done with tooling that exactly replicates the original factory tooling
  • FoMoCo logo and part number stamped in both pipes in same location as original tailpipes
  • Rolled-tips welded to tailpipe...just like the originals

For additional detailed comparison pictures please click here.

Note:  Similar tailpipes were used on 1969 Mustangs (Mustang GT with 428 Cobra Jet and Super Cobra Jet, and Mustang Mach I with 428 Cobra Jet and Super Cobra Jet).  However, they have a different part number stamped on the pipe.  To order 100% correct tailpipes for 1969 Mustang GT with 428 Cobra Jet and Super Cobra Jet, and 1969 Mustang Mach I with 428 Cobra Jet and Super Cobra Jet, click here.


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