Mustang, Shelby, and Boss Items for Sale > 1969 428 CJ/SCJ GT Mustang and 1969 428 CJ/SCJ Mach I Mustang Tailpipes - $625/pair + shipping
1969 428 CJ/SCJ GT Mustang and 1969 428 CJ/SCJ Mach I Mustang Tailpipes - $625/pair + shipping

Availability: Limited Quantities
Prod. Code: EX-TP1

100% perfect reproduction of tailpipes used on 1969 Mustang GT with 428 Cobra Jet & Super Cobra Jet Engines, and 1969 Mustang Mach I with 428 Cobra Jet & Super Cobra Jet Engines.

Officially Licensed by Ford and only available through this website.

Prior to Ford's introduction of the 428 Cobra Jet engine in April 1968, dual-exhaust Mustangs were only available with 2-inch diameter exhaust systems.  But with the new power-plant also came new exhaust, and for the first time, 428 CJ equiped Mustangs were now available with a new 2.25-inch, better-breathing, exhaust system.  And with that change, the tailpipes changed from a 2-piece, clamped-together design, to a one-piece welded-tip design.  The new tailpipe design began in 1968 and carried over to 1969. 

Offered here for the first time are the correct, fully welded, tailpipes. 

 Reproduction tailpipe features include:

  • Correct 2.25-inch O.D. aluminized tubing...just like the originals
  • Tubing seam in same orientation as original pipes
  • Factory-correct bends done with tooling that does not crush the pipe as it is bent
  • Factory-correct swaging on the ends of the pipe done with tooling that exactly replicates the original factory tooling
  • Ford logo and part number stamped in both pipes in same location as original tailpipes
  • Rolled-tips welded to tailpipe...just like the originals

Note:  Similar tailpipes were used on 1968½ Mustangs (including GT500KR Shelby Mustangs and all Mustangs with 428 Cobra Jet engines).  However, they have a different part number stamped on the pipe.  To order 100% correct tailpipes for 1968½ Mustangs, click here.


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