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1968 Mustang Spare Wheel Hold Down Plate - $23/each + shipping

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Concours Correct - 100% perfect reproduction of the spare wheel hold down plate used on 1968 Mustangs with styled steel wheels.  Reproduced from documented original parts and confirmed using original Ford factory engineering drawings.  A part rarely seen and never reproduced until now. 

The 1967 styled steel wheel hold down plate will not work on 1968 wheels, and the 1967 plate is completely different…that’s why Ford made a new plate for 1968.

Reproduction hold down plate features include:

  • Stamped blanks…just like the originals that came out of the Ford Motor Company – Metal Stamping Division
  • Press formed…just like in 1968
  • Semi gloss black painted

Indistinguishable from the originals


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