Mustang, Shelby, and Boss Items for Sale > 1967/1968 Intermediate/Resonator pipes - $1,195/pair + shipping
1967/1968 Intermediate/Resonator pipes - $1,195/pair + shipping

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100% Accurate Reproduction of the 2.00-inch Intermediate/Resonator Pipes Used on 1967 & 1968 GT Mustangs and 1967 & 1968 Shelby GT-350s and GT-500s. 

Not since Arvin (original manufacturer) fabricated exhaust for Ford in the 1960's has a more faithful and accurate reproduction of these complicated pipes been made.  Extensively researched and fabricated using original assembly-line parts as patterns and original Ford engineering drawings as verification, these parts are guaranteed to fit and function like the originals.

Every Feature of the Original Pipes is Faithfully Reproduced

  • Correct shape double-hump resonator design with aluminized coating
  • Stamped hanging bracket welded to the over-axle pipe
  • Correctly bent 2.00-O.D. pipes...symmetrical for left and right
  • Correct flats in pipes for clearance...just like the originals
  • Alignment tabs and stop tabs spot welded to pipes for muffler positioning

How Can We Guarantee The Pipes Will Fit?

Fighting with exhaust is no way to spend your weekend.  So, how do we know that our pipes will fit like the originals?  Because each pair of pipes goes through a multi-check and recheck process that guarantees the proper geometry and fitment.  Step 1:  Each pipe is individually bent using a finely-tuned bend protocol that matches the original bends seen on original assembly-line pipes.  Step2:  After bending the pipes, and prior to welding the pipes to the resonators, each pipe is placed in a check fixture to confirm the accuracy of the pipes geometry.  If the pipe doesn't fit the fixture within 0.125-inch at each critical location, then we don't use the pipe.  Step 3:  Then the resonators and pipes are placed in a separate weld fixture which is patterned from an original pair of assembly-line intermediate pipes.  The pipes are secured in the fixture so they cannot move during the welding process.  When the pipes are removed from the weld fixture they are within a fraction of an inch of the original pipe's geometry.

Material Options for Your Pipes

Original intermediate pipes were fabricated from bare steel tubing, which will flash-rust quickly (depending on climate).  Reproduction pipes are available in bare steel (like the originals) or aluminized steel (less susceptible to rust).  The price per pair for the bare steel pipes is $1,245 + shipping.

Note About Shipping

These pipes are big and heavy, and must be shipped in a large and sturdy box.  Shipping to most locations in the U.S. (excludes Alaska and Hawaii) is $50 - $95 per pair.  Exact shipping costs will be determined at the time of purchase.  We ship these pipes UPS Ground.

 Also Available

If you need the correct resonator hanging bracket bolts, we have them.  Two required per side, or 4-per car.  Price is $12 for 4-bolts.  Ask for them when ordering the pipes.

If you need concours correct exhaust clamps, we have them too.  Go to the "Mustang Items for Sale" tab for details on the clamps and pricing. 


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