Mustang, Shelby, and Boss Items for Sale > 1969 Shelby 350 & Mach 2-inch Transverse Muffler - $695/each + shipping
1969 Shelby 350 & Mach 2-inch Transverse Muffler - $695/each + shipping

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Prod. Code: EX-MU5

100% perfect reproduction of the transverse muffler used on all 1969 Mustangs and Shelbys with 2-inch Dual-Exhaust. Includes 351 Windsor GT Mustang, 390 GT Mustang, Shelby GT-350.

Officially Licensed by Ford and only available through this website.

Every feature of the original 1969 muffler is captured in the reproduction. Same lock-seam/double-wrap design. Domed end-caps with extruded areas for inlet and outlet pipes (including spot welds). Exact reproduction of alignment notches in inlet pipes. And, exact copy of FoMoCo logo, part number and date stamping (taken from original mufflers). All dimensions and features confirmed through original assembly line Ford muffler inspection and original Ford engineering drawings.

There are four date coded 1969 mufflers available. 8/68, 11/68, 1/69, and 3/69.

Offered here for the first time is the correct 2.00-inch transverse muffler for 1969 Shelbys and Mustangs.


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